GRASSHOLE hits #70 in the Top 200 CMJ Charts in the US with “The Unification Proclamation (2015)”

The initial reaction to the band was phenomenal. With over fifty stations coming on board to support the album and many of those charting the album in their top 20 weekly charts. That amount of support is impressive for a band that no one in the market has heard of until the cd arrived on his or her door.  

It was with the second release from the band though that we really saw the band’s reputation and success land at radio. After sending the second album to the stations we immediately saw stations jump to play the music. The new songs shot up to Top 5 at all the stations that previously played the Debut EP, and Top 30 in the charts at over 25 new stations… Incredibly, the release debuted at #1 Top position at 3 US radio stations!

– Adam Lewis, Planetary Group